Cellular IoT with an Internet mindset.

Engineered to combine the best of the cellular and Internet worlds. So you can generate value.

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Pure Connectivity.

Send device data wherever you want without device logic or data headers.

Truly Global

Automatic switching across 196 countries and 550 networks. Permanent Roaming is standard.

Flexible after deployment.

Switch destinations of your data as required, without connecting to deployed devices.

dollar sign

$0 /device /month.

Price based on value means paying only for the data used.

Data black box solution.

We send the data where you tell it to go. We do not see or store your data.

Maximum flexibility.

Switch the data’s destination and automatically update SDKs. All without touching the device.

Full control.

We stay in control of our network, so you are always in control your data.


Encrypted data packets.

Data encrypted from inception between device and mobile towers.

Limited attack vectors.

Our solutions are developed to reduce the number of attack vectors to your devices and their data.

Automated SDK updates.

Platform SDKs are updated within Onomondo Connectors, removing risks associated with outdated code.

Steer data during transmission.

Onomondo Connectors add data headers that cannot be accessed on a device.

Control of network globally.

Roaming partners often have control of networks. Our solutions prevent external control.

Hidden data content.

Routing data and not storing it means that your data content is secure.

Business case optimisation.

Built-in flexibility.

Easily route data to new platforms.

No contract lock-in.

No minimum device or long term agreements.

$0 / device / month.

No monthly or hidden fees.

Pay for data generated.

Small data headers link prices closely to data devices.

API and platform management.

Direct data and manage SIMS with API or SIM management platform.

Device and data optimisation.

Simplified devices.

Easily route data to new platforms.

Optimise battery and device life.

No minimum device or long term agreements.

All SIM types and forms.

No monthly or hidden fees.

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Perfect for your global IoT business cases.

We understand deploying and scaling new IoT Business cases are risky due to the expected longevity of these solutions. That’s why we have included our Future-Proof Guarantee.


No lock-in.

Be prepared for the unexpected. Have the agility to change with the rapidly evolving IoT industry.


No monthly access or hidden fees.

Don’t pay for connected SIMs per month. Pay only when data is sent.


Stay in control of your data.

When you use Onomondo, your data uses our network. It is not handled by any roaming partners.


No lock-in.

Keep devices as simple and safe as possible.Be prepared for the unexpected. Have the agility to change with the rapidly evolving IoT industry.


Isolated devices while they are connected.

Devices are isolated from each other to protect your network from the threat of compromised devices.

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