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A truly unified agnostic IoT
network — bound by nothing

Case: A.P. Moller - Maersk

One single connectivity
solution for Maersk’s global fleet.

A global IoT fleet requires a truly global IoT network. One that enables access and unlimited control. One that enhances operational freedom instead of fabricating borders.

When Maersk was looking for the connectivity solution to power their next generation global IoT enabled fleet, connecting every aspect of a chain responsible for handling 20% of global trade, Onomondo was that connectivity solution.

The outcome is a unified global fleet that can go anywhere and be powered by any hardware solution, with data security and data steering built into the network itself. For Maersk this means less data consumption, less complexity, better security and improved flexibility - globally.

A series of globally connected
sensors for Maersk.

A complex IoT solution with many types of devices requires less complicated device logic and an intelligent network to be truly scalable.

Onomondo enables Maersk to enhance data security and data steering from within the network - globally. Without any device overhead or add-ons.









Device wireframe

“We are looking for solutions that are easy to implement, unified and have a high degree of cyber security. Onomondo delivers on all of these parameters”

- Klaus Bruun Egeberg, Head of Mobility and Connectivity, Maersk Group

One world.
One network.

We imagine a connected world. A world without borders and limitations. A world where imagination and ingenuity is free. Free to create anything and scale it anywhere.

We are Onomondo.

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IoT has no borders.
Networks do.

Borders are manmade. They are nothing but an idea – made up. Yet we build all networks on the assumption that borders exists. For the dreams we have of tomorrow, we need a new mindset today.

Onomondo is the next generation of IoT networks.
One that takes all that is good from cellular and redesigns all that should be rethought for a society reshaped by IoT. The result is a global, scalable, secure and cost effective network that changes what is possible within IoT and eliminates borders and barriers.

What's new in IoT

Embedded connectivity: A new commercial model for IoT.

Embedded connectivity: A new commercial model for IoT.

IoT device customers often receive their IoT devices without SIM cards, forcing them to choose a network provider on their own that is likely to lock them into a particular service.

Overcoming micro-mobility challenges using your connectivity.

Overcoming micro-mobility challenges using your connectivity.

To be successful micro-mobility businesses need to be both agile and independent, which can be achieved by switching to a dedicated IoT connectivity provider.

Permanent Roaming: The Dirty Little Secret In Cellular IoT Connectivity.

Permanent Roaming: The Dirty Little Secret In Cellular IoT Connectivity.

Switching out a device's SIM every time it goes to another location - for all of the devices within an IoT system - is impractical, and in most cases downright impossible.

These pioneers are
already on the network.

Onomondo powers innovation in many fields and across all areas of the world.

We proudly support our partners’ pioneering efforts to connect and improve the world using data and ingenuity.

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Our reach is wide but our focus is narrow. We strive to unlock the true potential of IoT.
An Internet of Things that shapes industries and fosters growth. One that optimizes resources and helps our planet. One that increases transparency and creates solutions for everyone.

One world.
One network.

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