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The global IoT connectivity stack

Onomondo helps new and existing IoT solutions to grow with seamless, global cellular connectivity and innovative IoT tools. Future-proof your solution with full data transparency, unparalleled flexibility, and no third parties.

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Better insights. Total control. Less complexity.

Why Onomondo?

Streamline IoT development and operation. Easily deploy devices globally, and seamlessly move data from the device to cloud. Skip the headaches with Onomondo’s IoT connectivity stack.

  • Freedom

    SIM keys are your property.

    We’ll help you migrate to and from Onomondo if changing vendor is right for your business for whatever reason.

  • Smart

    Put logic in the network.

    By moving logic into the network, your devices can be simpler and more robust to rapid technological change.

  • Efficient

    Optimise data transfer.

    We can help you optimise data transfer and power consumption on your device, dramatically increasing ROI.

Ask for more from your network.

Utilize the power of our global network to solve problems across your entire IoT ecosystem. We’ve built a suite of powerful tools around our global IoT network to help you develop, deploy, operate, and rapidly scale.

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End-to-end insights.

Onomondo puts you in complete control of your data and makes it possible to see exactly what goes on from the base station through to the internet.

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Take control of connectivity at a global level.

One global network.

Global coverage doesn't need to be tricky, with Onomondo you have one global network with one APN and full core insights. Simply control the local networks your UICC or eUICC SIMs can connect to through our API or platform.

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Your ideal coverage map.

Control devices’ access to the networks and countries you specify via our API or Onomondo Platform.


It’s up to you if you want to maximise coverage by selecting multiple networks per country or if you prefer to keep costs at a minimum by selecting networks under a certain price.

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Always active SIMs.

Forget about managing SIM activation to avoid unnecessary costs. We don’t charge you for data if your device is inactive. So you can test connectivity then let your device sit on a shelf and not worry about fluctuations in data usage.

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Customer success stories.

Learn how our customers use our tech stack to overcome borders and increase their IoT efficiency. And look good while doing it.

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