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We are looking for talented people like you. Come and join us and create something great from our central location in Copenhagen!

Account Executive
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Growth Specialist
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Content Assistant
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Meet the Onomondians

👋 Hi there,

This is us, the Onomondians. Just after getting our new Onomondo home, back in April. We promise it looks more homey now (you might have noticed in the video).

In total, we are 26 Onomondians (not all in the pic). Danes are only half of Onomondo, the other glorious half comes from exotic places like Brazil, New Zealand and many different countries in Europe. We expect and hope to see more international talent joining the team.

We all share the same values, the ones you can see just below. So should you. And we just looooove to spend time together; working, relaxing, gaming, working out, partying… You get the picture.

Stop reading.
Start applying.

Our guiding values

We champion connecting devices to cloud.

We do it global. We do it smart. And we keep it simple.

Making our physical world digital with IoT will be a massive boom for our planet. IoT has a huge role to play in smart farming, efficient logistics, water conservation, clean energy and much more. But IoT has thus far failed to live up to its potential, with a 75% fail rate on IoT projects.

IoT is an interplay between devices, connectivity, and the cloud. We dramatically simplify global connectivity, simultaneously reducing device complexity and extending the power of Clouds. We do so by challenging tele head on with tech to drastically reduce the 75% fail rate.

Our purpose

• To make a lasting impact on the world
• To make a place worthy of our time

Yes, there’s two parts to it.

One is the bigger picture. The long play.
The other is all about the journey.
Both are equally important.

We’d be happy to elaborate once we meet.


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