A network for the vehicle that goes wherever you go.

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Case – Connected Cars

Connected Cars wants to make mobility smarter by connecting vehicles, workshops and data all over the world. Onomondo’s IoT network is helping the company realize that vision.


Backed by Semler Group, Connected Cars is an auto-tech company that has developed a device to monitor vehicles through data. It allows workshops to provide a better, faster and more accurate service for their customers and also gives companies the opportunity to manage and track its fleets across continents. However, none of this was possible without being able to connect the vehicles reliably through the right networks and fully secure and manage all shared data.


Onomondo’s IoT network allows Connected Cars to handle their vast amount of data easily and effectively while cutting down development time for its IoT devices due to the technical insights they get thanks to Onomondo. Just as importantly, the solution makes it possible for Connected Cars to manage security end to end - all the way from the vehicle, through the networks and onto the cloud.


34 million+
Trips per year
4.5 billion+
GPS positions

So far, Connected Cars and Onomondo have successfully launched projects together in two countries. The expectation is for Connected Cars to be present in several markets and continents by the end of 2020 - all with the help of Onomondo’s IoT network.

Mads F. Gregersen
CEO, Connected Cars

“What is key for our business development is that Onomondo makes it very simple to consider opportunities in new countries. Because with Onomondo, we know that connecting to new networks there — it’s simple, it works”

A network for the vehicle that goes wherever you go.

It is not an easy task to deliver on an international service that can take your devices anywhere - without losing efficiency or agility in the design and scaling process of the solution.

By using Onomondo’s unique tools to quickly analyse interactions between cloud, network and device, the development time for Connected Cars’ solution has been shortened and critical resources have been saved.

Model 05 – Unified Network.
Highlighted feature #

Unified network.

Onomondo’s unified network has multiple networks in over 180 countries and permanent roaming allowances across all of them. For Connected Cars, whose fleet continuously travels the world, that means complete assurance that all networks behave the same way and provide coverage no matter where their fleet ends up.

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Model 02 – Agnostic device.
Highlighted feature #

Insights in real time.

During the development of a complex IoT solution, transparency is key. But usually this is limited to insights into the cloud and device. With Live monitor, Connected Cars gained the added ability to look directly into the network interactions that were happening anywhere in the world - in real time. This drastically cut both debugging and development times. Read more...

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Model 03 – Network pattern recognision.
Highlighted feature #

Global platform.

With a unified global network as a foundation, it becomes possible to manage everything from a single place. Onomondo’s API and management platform ensures that Connected Cars can implement any changes to its network settings instantly across the globe, eliminating the barriers to maintaining a truly global solution.

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Device data

  • Vehicle condition
  • Location
  • Speed


  • Network monitor
  • Connectivity
  • Secure interface


  • Full fleet overview
  • Data analysis
  • Workshop management

In-depth tech explained

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