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Enabling new IoT use cases with Lightbug's GPS trackers.

Lightbug produces small GPS trackers that only incur costs when they create value. Together, Lightbug and Onomondo have made previously uneconomical IoT solutions a possibility.


Lightbug makes small and powerful GPS tracking devices. You'll find their products tracking assets, vehicle fleets, drones, people, and much more. Their trackers need global visibility and they didn't want to be tied into cellular data subscriptions. Flexible data pricing for global networks tied to value creation moments didn’t seem possible until they met with Onomondo.


With Onomondo’s global connectivity, Lightbug has one SKU, one APN, and one connectivity contract, dramatically reducing the complexity of managing a global fleet. Additionally, Lightbug passes Onomondo’s PAYG data pricing model on to their customers, making it easy to integrate IoT into products. Finally, Onomondo’s public API and real-time data monitoring tools streamline development, scaling, and operation.


Power savings



Cost reduction


Productivity increase

“Onomondo's network transparency is unrivalled. It took three days to resolve network issues with our previous provider. It only takes 10 minutes on average with Onomondo”

Chris Guest

CEO and Founder Lightbug

Small trackers with a long battery life and no subscription.

Typical IoT connectivity providers tie customers into data subscriptions from the point of activation. New devices sit on shelves accumulating costs and end-of-life devices need to be tracked and deactivated. This old-school telco mentality is holding IoT back.

With Onomondo, you know that whenever your device sends data, whenever it brings value, that's when you pay for data. PAYG data billing is resonating well with Lightbug's customers. The ability for manufacturers to make their products smart without committing to a subscription has opened up a wealth of new use cases.

  • Technology

    2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M, NB-IoT
  • Network Core

    Signalling Logs, Network Logs, Traffic Monitor, Network Lists
Currently on Onomondo
A.P. Moller - Maersk

One single connectivity solution for Maersk’s global fleet.

A global fleet requires a truly global network. One that enables access and unlimited control. One that unites worldwide assets and breaks down borders and barriers.