Onomondo’s network is only the foundation. On top is a range of tools and features available to all users, working to connect and simplify enterprise grade connected services across the globe. Through this unique combination of network access and control, we enable a more secure, cost efficient and scalable connectivity option, which is breaking down the barriers for building truly global IoT solutions at scale.

API and webhooks

Our entire core platform with direct integrations to over 700 cellular networks spanning over 180 countries is configurable via a single secure HTTP API, and every information from the network is delivered in realtime via secure HTTP webhooks.

This allows for partners on the network to programmatically integrate a global cellular network 
to their own backend and add custom logic to every single SIM without having to interfere 
with device logic.

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Management platform

On top of our own API and webhooks is a graphical management platform, which allows for a human friendly interaction with the network.

The web based management system allows full control over a SIM’s allowances in the network, including the ability to view current connection status, trace live data streams and locate where devices are globally, in real time.

All features within the network are manageable via the management platform, and the API and webhooks underneath allows for deeper integration into partners own backend.

Live monitor

With our deep integration into every cellular network globally, Onomondo has the entire control over everything that happens on the network.

Developing IoT devices and debugging IoT devices in remote areas can be a hard task, but Onomondo’s Live Monitor gives real time insights into all aspects of what happens between SIM and modem on the device, throughout the cellular network and all the way to the cloud.

With the push of a button you can see network signalling and data transferred from and to any device anywhere in the world, in real time.

Network whitelists

Control devices’ access to the networks and countries you specify, eliminate the risk of runaway billing and create your solution’s ideal coverage map.

The flexibility within our platform allows for managing which networks are allowed, and which are not, configurable for every single SIM at any given time.

This creates the option to build the ideal network for your specific IoT solution, with the perfect balance between cost and coverage in the areas of importance to your business.


Onomondo’s Connectors is a secure connection and zero touch configuration between devices and cloud platforms.

With Connectors, whatever a device tries to transmit will end up in the cloud platform of your choice and every security aspect such as TLS certificates etc. is handled by the network. This allows any updates or reconfigurations to be handled entirely by the network instead of burdening devices and put costly overhead on data transmission and firmware updates.

This ultimately allows devices to be configured to a cloud service of choice, e.g. Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson IoT, AWS or Google IoT, with zero touch configuration on devices. This makes any device able to securely transmit and receive data from any popular cloud platform without a device SDK.

More features coming soon.

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